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Practice Areas

We are among the leading experts in our fields, bringing to the table a wide variety of local and international knowledge and experience, entailing our firm to handle the most complex challenges.

  • Corporate and Commercial

    Corporate and Commercial work is at the heart of our practice. Our specialist group provides versatile service to a broad range of companies across the Gulf area.

    The depth of our expertise in this field enables us to advise on corporate set-up and restructuring, shareholders’ agreements, joint ventures, shares acquisitions, franchising and partnerships.

    In addition, AGL has considerable experience in providing assistance on corporate governance and compliance.


  • Litigation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

    Our team assists and represents our local and international clients throughout all stages of their disputes (pre-action claims, implementation of legal strategies, transactional negotiations, drafting legal documents, presentation of lawsuits, representation before the courts and enforcement proceedings of decisions) most notably in the following practice areas: civil, criminal, commercial and banking disputes, financial transactions, corporate and  intellectual property law, business and investment disputes, real estate and construction, family law, employment and labor matters. 

    At AGL we assess and evaluate each case, develop creative solutions and draw all the possible strategies in order to choose the most suitable and effective option. 

  • Banking and Finance

    Banking and Finance is one of AGL key practice areas. We represent and assist local and international banks, financial institutions, investment funds, borrowers and guarantors by providing legal advice in all aspects of banking and financial transactions. AGL Lawyers gained extensive experience in finance structuring that starts from finding the source of finance, setting up the correct legal structure and delivering a creative product. We will put up in place the best deals that increase the value of the Client idea, investment or assets.

  • Debt Recovery and Collection

    AGL Lawyers acts on debts collection and recovery trying to reduce costs and expenses that a client may incur in these proceedings. Therefore, we always work on a pre-litigation scheme before calling the litigation tool. Our extensive experience in this field combined to our local presence entail us to act quickly and ensure a fast and efficient legal proceedings scheme and achieve successful results. 

  • Intellectual Property

    With their extensive experience, our lawyers represent clients before courts in matters related to IP protection such as infringement, counterfeiting and unfair competition.

    We assist our clients in creating, drafting, structuring, enforcing and developing their IP assets in all industry sectors to ensure the most efficient protection to their rights.

    AGL provides a wide range of local and international Intellectual Property services including registration, protection, transfer and license of IP rights which includes trademarks, copyrights, patents and industrial designs and drawings.

  • Labour Law and Iqama
    AGL advises its individual and corporate clients, employers and/or employees, on all aspects of labor law and provide them with legal on ground services to obtain their iqama and mitigate any issue that may arise during its term.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Law

    AGL lawyers provide legal support for all local and international companies ensuring their complete compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in KSA and the Gulf region. Our firm can act on a very wide scope of tasks from choosing a business structure to developing governing documents, or from constructing a framework to amending an existing one to be compliant with laws and regulations.

  • Real Estate & Construction

    We cover a wide range of legal services in this industry such as sales agreements, rental and leasing, real estate development, project financing, properties management, design and construction contracts including FIDIC construction agreements.

    Our highly skilled lawyers assist our clients through all the stages of their projects including structuring, negotiating, drafting of legal documents and contracts in addition to the legal enforcement of transactions.

  • Criminal Law

    AGL owns global knowledge in this area. Our skillful team is ready to provide assistance to clients who are defendants, victims or witnesses in criminal matters. Our firm offers through its highly specialized service, an immediate assistance to individuals and companies to secure their protection in matters related to fraud, robbery, forgery, breach of trust, bribery, money-laundering, intellectual property crimes such as unfair competition and counterfeit of goods. We are particularly known for our availability and for our expertise in providing strategic and practical criminal law advice.